P.F. Chang’s

A Chinese-American Favorite in the Heart of Santiago

Fare from Other Parts of the Pacific

P.F. Chang’s is a popular chain of restaurants that serves Chinese-American food. But few people realize that the chain also has many global locations, one of which is in Santiago. Visitors who have a hankering for affordable Asian fare can come here to have their cravings satisfied.

Chinese Cuisine with an American Flair

Americans with Chinese heritage have created a cuisine all their own, and P.F. Chang’s has perfected the blend. Guests can dine on dim sum and even sushi. Of course, some of the dishes at the Santiago location pay tribute to Chilean flavors as well. The Asian Grilled Chilean Salmon is a popular choice.

P.F. Chang’s provides a casual environment, so it’s a good place for weary visitors to relax after a long day of sightseeing. What’s more, the prices are reasonable. P.F. Chang’s offers Americans a taste of home, and it offers Chileans and other visitors a taste of China.

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