Outameni Experience

Are you interested in learning about Jamaica's history ? Jamaica is an island that have been that is comprised of diverse ethnic groups, thus the motto "out of many one people".

Over the years Jamaica has been a refuge and a great discovery for many advanced colonies. Jamaicans have a rich culture which comprises of many races and ethnic groups. The music, the food, the dress and architecture is from a history of slavery and independence that makes Jamaicans what they are today.

Outameni has made it available for people presently to have a better view at what it was like in those times. It is like a little theatre that is always active during opening hours. It was built on an Orange Valley Estate and on the remnants old sugar mill. Outameni experience is located in the parish of Trelawney where the famous yellow yam is in abundance. Also, Trelawney is the birthplace of three athletic stars: Usain Bolt, Veronica Campbell- Brown and Ben Johnson. It will be a trip worthwhile.

At the beginning of the tour you will be greeted by many cultural dancers. Inside, the historic colonisations in Jamaica are re-enacted for tourist and visitors to have a better understanding of the motto out of many one people. It is great for a school trip or just a curious person who want to know about Jamaica in depth. It can also be a great family trip. It is an “Outameni experience” meaning you won’t get it anywhere else. It is only found in Jamaica. So, take the opportunity to know about a country filled with many talented people and be a part of the wonderful discovery.