Oudemanhuispoort Book Market

A large secondhand book market that stretches along University of Amsterdam's historic buildings.

A Market for Book-Lovers

There’s nothing like the musty smell of old books to create a comforting atmosphere rooted in the past. Visitors to Amsterdam can find that atmosphere at the Oudemanhuispoort book market. Instead of traditional souvenirs, Oudemanhuispoort offers tattered covers and well-thumbed pages at reasonable prices.

Used Books in a Charming Atmosphere

At this market, shoppers can stroll past thousands of secondhand books heaped onto tables in the brick alcoves along University of Amsterdam’s historic buildings. Though many texts are in Dutch, there’s a large selection of literature in different languages as well, including English. Not to mention the other antique paper products–vintage art prints and musical scores, for instance.

The Oudemanhuispoort market is open every day except Sundays. What’s more, it’s close to several other major markets, such as Bloemenmarkt and Waterlooplein. Visitors can spend the day wandering from market to market, reveling in Amsterdam’s literary past–and perhaps taking a piece of it home.