Osteria Enoteca ai Artisti

Part casual dining, part wine bar, as the name suggests, Osteria Enoteca ai Artisti serves up small plates in a cozy setting.

Food and wine

The greatest clue to any Italian restaurant is its name. Ristorantes are the creme de la creme, with prices to match. Caffes are casual bars, much as you’d find anywhere else in Europe. So it should pique your curiosity to find an eatery labeled both an osteria – informal restaurant – and an enoteca – a wine bar. The message: you can find a true marriage of the two dining styles within.

Intimate dining

To say Osteria Enoteca ai Artisti is tight quarters is an understatement. The tiny dining room packs in as many seats as possible – even squeezing a couple stools beside a window shelf – but the maximum capacity is still a mere 20 diners.

Small plates

If you manage to snag a table, you’ll have a short daily menu to order from. Dishes might include a tagliatelle with crab or a beef tartare. Otherwise, you can make a selection from the cichetti on display in the bar’s glass case. A glass of good wine with a nibble of asparagus tips or stuffed peppers is as Venetian as it gets. Either way, with no freezer onsite, the restaurant prides itself on fresh home cooking.

Stay at home!

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