Ostaria Boccadoro

Fresh fish and pasta are your just reward for straying off the beaten path to Ostaria Boccadoro.

Hidden local gem

Venice is one of the most heavily touristed cities in the world and it’s easy to feel like the lagoon is devoid of local authenticity. Enter the neighborhood of Canareggio. Far from the beaten paths around Ponte Rialto and Piazza San Marco, Ostaria Boccadoro, tucked away on a quiet square, is still favored by locals.

Artsy environment

Venice comes alive during the Biennale and Film Festival and this is one of many eateries favored by the artists who come to town for the event. Summertime outdoor seating only adds to the atmosphere.

Fresh ingredients

Beyond the lack of tourists, locals keep coming back to Boccadoro for its fresh ingredients. The catch of the day is served up alongside vegetables specially grown on Sant’Erasmo, an island in the north lagoon. Pasta is handmade and often accompanied by seafood, as in black tagliolini with scallops and artichokes.

Stay at home!

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