Kuala Lumpur

Orchid and Hibiscus Gardens

The Orchid and Hibiscus Gardens are a haven of beautiful blossoms, bright splashes of colour and sheer natural beauty in the heart of the city.

Orchid Gardens

The Orchid Gardens are found within the Kuala Lumpur Lake Gardens and right across the famed Kuala Lumpur Bird Park. Spread over a charming one-hectare of multi-hued blooms, the Gardens feature about 800 species of orchids which seem to thrive in the Malaysian climate.

A semi-circular pergola houses the epiphytic or climbing orchids while a rock garden tastefully showcases several terrestrial species.

Hibiscus Gardens

The Hibiscus Park is adjacent to the Orchid Gardens and boasts over 600 varieties of the hardy flower. The Garden is beautifully landscaped and its highlights include a 4-m tall waterfall, placid pools and cheery fountains. A magnificent colonial bungalow houses an exhibition room and a refreshing tea room.

Hibiscus flowers are in bloom throughout and the park looks welcoming any time of the year.

By the way, the Hibiscus, or Bunga Raya as it is known in Bahasa Malaysia, is Malaysia’s national flower.