Oxford, England

Opium Den

Opium Den is a Chinese Restaurant that serves a range of exquisite Chinese dishes with authentic ingredients, some of which are imported from the region.

Chinese Atmosphere

Opium Den was founded in 1977 and they are loved for their ability to be innovative with their menu and their pan-Chinese dishes especially their hotpot buffet. It is decorated with contemporary Chinese elements with partial modern furniture and Oriental antiques. The ambience is further highlighted by the presence of several Chinese diners who enjoy the authentic flavours of home at this restaurant.

Variety of Choice

Many of the dishes at Opium Den are inspired by the cuisines from regions in China, such as Sichuan, Yangzhou, and Shanghai. Their claim to fame is the popular hotpots, also known as steamboat.

They serve a wide range of Chinese dishes, from soup noodles, to Lao Mian as well as fried noodles, rice, soups, chicken, pork, seafood, Hong Kong roast meats, poultry and traditional appetisers. They also serve Dim Sum dishes, congee and clay pot rice. As for drinks, you can opt for red wine, rose wine, white wine, bottled beers, spirits, and soft drinks.