Odaiba is a large man-made island that’s hugely popular with visitors for its many attractions, recreation facilities and shopping.

Popular destination

Originally built as an ingenious complex of fortified man-made islands in the 19th century for defensive purposes, Odaiba (daiba is Japanese for fort) has grown to become a popular destination for leisure, recreation, entertainment and shopping.

Palette Town is a large complex that boasts a huge space for various recreational activities called Leisureland, a giant Ferris wheel and Mega Web, a massive Toyota showroom with an indoor test-driving track and automobile museum.

Malls, views and more

Other popular shopping malls here include Decks which houses a Legoland Discovery Centre and Madame Tussauds and Aquacity, another mall with observation decks from where you can enjoy beautiful views of the spectacularly lit Rainbow Bridge at night.

DiverCity, another mall, boasts a giant statue of Gundam as well as a museum devoted to the beloved anime series from the 1980s.

Odaiba offers you fantastic views of Tokyo from the Rainbow Bridge, on the Daikanransha, the giant Ferris wheel as well as within the Hachitama, the futuristic spherical observation deck on the Fuji TV building.