Oceanario de Lisboa
(The Oceanarium)

The Oceanarium is the second largest aquarium in Europe and hosts over a million visitors a year.

More than a simple aquarium, the Oceanarium is a tour through four different ocean habitats from across the world. They are ranged around a central tank that features that features sharks, groupers, rays, and a sunfish–one of the most difficult fish to care for in captivity.

Four Habitats

Separate tanks feature habitats and species from Antarctica, the North Atlantic, Tropical Indian coral reefs, and Pacific kelp forests. The Oceanarium features over 16,000 creatures from over 450 species.

More Than Fish

In keeping with its educational commitment, the Oceanarium also places its exhibitions in context to ecosystems and conservations. The top floor of the aquarium features mammals and plants dependent on the sea. A temporary exhibit features a unique display of rainforest plants-a concept called a “nature aquarium”–that allows visitors to see and understand the interconnectedness of the world’s ecosystems.

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