Nikola Tesla Museum, Belgrade, Serbia

This museum is devoted to a genius who invented alternating current, and whose other inventions enabled revolutionary technological discoveries throughout the 20th century.

Nikola Tesla Museum brings you into the secrets of alternating current and other epochal discoveries of a brilliant scientist and inventor, who managed in changing our world to a great extent. Although never credited for most of his inventions, Tesla’s patents enabled a wide range of future discoveries, such as wireless transmitting (through the core of the earth!), remote control, and more. He was even the first one who discovered the X rays and pointed out their damaging effects during a prolonged exposure, but his notes were destroyed in the fire.

During your tour you can also take part in interesting demonstrations, which enable you to touch a lightning and hold a luminous lamp without being connected to the electric socket. Further demonstrations explain how Tesla managed to bring the electricity into people’s houses throughout the world and figure out how the remote control works.

As for the related exhibits, devices made by Tesla himself are displayed (in the glass boxes), as well as models according to his plans, personal tools and belongings. You can facilitate your tour with data provided by the touchscreens and info panels with reference to Tesla’s most daring projects and related discoveries that preceded his time (starting with the Ancient Greek thinker Tales).

Photos from Nikola Tesla Museum, Belgrade, Serbia

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