Night Market

Every weekend, Hang Dao Street in Hanoi’s Old Quarter transforms into a bustling outdoor market.

Nighttime Shopping Extravaganza

Though Hanoi has plenty of nightlife, one of the most popular ways for visitors to spend their Friday, Saturday, and Sunday evenings is going shopping at the Night Market. Each weekend vendors pop up on Hang Dao Street in the Old Quarter to sell their wares. The bright lights and colorful goods make the market a feast for the eyes–and the delicious street food makes it a feast for the stomach.

Fill Your Bags and Your Stomach

The majority of the goods sold at Hanoi’s Night Market are the same inexpensive items found at most markets in Southeast Asia. Souvenirs, elephant pants, and printed maxi dresses abound. But careful shoppers may spot some gems. Bartering is essential to get a fair price.

The Night Market is also known for its cheap and tasty street food. Visitors can fill up on everything from bun cha–a local specialty–to banh mi. The market is always extremely crowded, and pickpockets are rampant. Travelers should keep a close eye on their belongings.