Newsum Antiques

A treasure trove of antiques in the historic town of Winchcombe and hugely popular among tourists.

Furniture, glass and collectibles

As a renowned antique store, Newsum Antiques has carved out a niche for itself in the world of souvenirs and collectibles. Visitors come here to find unusual handicrafts, glass ornamental pieces, ceramics, 20th century wall plaques, fireside curios and finely crafted metal ware.

Unusual Collections

The store usually stocks an interesting collection of unique furniture, fittings, treen and collectible pieces. Their range of Scandinavian folk art and wall plaques are popular among visitors. The glass items include a carefully crafted series of coral fishes like the Exbor Fish and the Green Glass Fish as well as intriguingly shaped vases from around the world.

The ceramics section features various animal-shaped pieces like the Lion Ceramic and the bright blue Bitossi Boar and Bull. Their nature-inspired range of plaques include the Plum Blossom, Strawberry and Blue Fish plaques.

The store is worth a visit simply for its attractive collectibles that make for fine souvenirs.



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