Newlyn Art Gallery & The Exchange

These twin art galleries feature the best modern work by Cornwall-based artists, along with other artists from around the world.

Cornwall Art, Global Art

The Newlyn Art Gallery has existed in some form for more than 120 years. Its success was such that, in 2007, they opened another venue in Penzance: The Exchange. Together these galleries showcase the finest contemporary work, especially pieces by Cornwall artists.

Picturesque Inside and Out

Newlyn Art Gallery and The Exchange offer changing exhibitions of everything from photography to painting to sculpture. The buildings themselves are artistic marvels–the glass structure of the original gallery, for example, allows for sweeping views of Newlyn Green. The galleries also host various events, which can be found on the website calendar.

Both locations have shops that feature pieces by Cornwall-based jewelers, ceramic artists, textile artists, and woodworkers. Hungry guests can sample local coffee and pastries at the Newlyn cafe, or have a glass of wine and lunch at the cafe in The Exchange. Between the two galleries, visitors can take in the best of local and international contemporary work.

Stay at home!

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