New Palace, Belgrade

The New Palace is a cultural monument with distinctive works of art within its premises, and the Office of the Serbian president.

The New Palace is among crowning architectural achievements in Belgrade between two world wars, featuring stylish exterior, opulent interior and outstanding works of art by renowned local artists.

During your tour you’ll get familiarized with the history of the edifice through a small exhibition, several halls and office rooms, and certain events in history that shaped the past and present of this country through artwork. Among others, you’ll be taken through Yellow Salon, the official meeting room, Green Salon, where the medals are awarded, and Congress Hall, where formal receptions are organized.

The New Palace opens its doors to visitors each first Sunday (the tour encompasses the New Palace and the National Parliament), and advance bookings are mandatory. Note that visitors’ numbers are limited. Although the tour is organized in Serbian, guidance in English is possible for non-Serbian speakers. If you are quick in crossing the park that separates related monuments, you can watch exchanging the guards in front of the New Palace.

Photos from New Palace, Belgrade

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