Negril Lighthouse

If you are one for beautiful events and sightseeing in nature, make your way to the Negril Lighthouse.

Negril lighthouse was built in 1894 and it soars to 20 meters in height. It was also opened in the same year and it was used by ships and boats to know their way back to land. Lighthouses have been significant in many fishing stories told by fishermen.  It was built by a French company called Bubbler and & Bernard.

It is free to enter but it closes at nights. It is place where people normally stop to see the sun go down or watch the roaring seas. People find it amazing how the cliffs are formed and sometimes there are people who are willing to climb them for entertainment.

It was one of the earliest versions of Concrete Light House. However, to reach the top, you will have to climb over one hundred steps. It is a white haven for photographers of nature. So take your camera and take photos and share the experience with your family and friends.