NBC Studios

If you have watched American television, chances are you have seen a show broadcasted from NBC Studios. Many people are familiar with the studios because of the recent hit television show 30 Rock which is an abbreviated way of saying the studio’s address (30 Rockefeller Plaza).

The NBC Studios building is home to a few television networks including NBC, HQ, and MSNBC. The art deco skyscraper’s construction was completed in 1933.  During 2014, the building underwent extensive renovations.  NBC Studios is especially attractive to those who love television and broadcasting.

See the studios of the hits like Saturday Night Live, The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, and Late Night with Seth Meyers.  Guarantee a look into at least two of these studios by joining an NBC page on The Tour at NBC Studios, which operates daily.  You will get a look into where the action happens behind the scenes where the cameras rarely venture.  See the NBC Broadcast Operations Center and learn about the TV production process while on the tour too.  You will see how writers and producers get the shows you love into your home.  You will also become part of the action as you and the others on the tour make your own show in the Tour Studio.  Tour admission includes a free downloadable copy of your creation!

Tours are popular, so book yours online before they sell out. Plan to spend about 65 minutes on the tour.  They depart every 30 minutes beginning at 8:30 am daily.  The last tours on weekdays depart at 2 pm, and on Saturday and Sunday, the last tours depart at 5 pm.  The cost is $33 for adults and $29 for those who are 6 – 12 and those who are 55 and older.

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