London, England

Natural History Museum

The Natural History Museum at London is an excellent family experience. Housed in a beautiful building, the museum’s 80 million exhibits make for a delightful and memorable day out.

Intriguing History

This museum was opened in 1881, though the collection is much older and was originally housed in the British Museum.  The museum’s intriguing history includes a heated debate that lasted for a hundred years on the question of independence from the British Museum.

Cataloguing Life on Earth

The museum has thoughtfully laid out exhibits to help visitors and school children get the most out of their visit.

  • the Blue Zone is devoted to life on the earth and includes the staggeringly large exhibits of a real blue whale skeleton and a life-size model of the same. Children will love the fantastic Dinosaur Gallery which features dino fossils, eggs and the exciting life-like roaring model of a T. rex.
  • the Red Zone features earth and its geology including an earthquake simulator.
  • the Green Zone highlights plant kingdom and the relationship between life forms.
  • the Orange Zone’s best exhibit is the spectacular Wildlife Garden with buzzing bees and fluttering butterflies.

Don’t forget to say hello to Archie, the Giant Squid and Sophie the Stegosaurus.

Handy Tips

  • Please note that some temporary exhibitions may require tickets.

Stay at home!

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