National Zoo

The National Zoo of Santiago is home to over a 1000 animals spanning 150 species including native South American ones like llamas, rheas and guanacos.

On Cerro San Cristobal

Set in the foot of the scenic Cerro San Cristobal and within the Santiago Metropolitan Park, the National Zoo was opened in 1925 as a natural extension of the Park.

The Zoo spread over 4.8 hectares boasts several interesting exhibitions:

  • Rheas, omnivorous, flightless birds native to the South American continent.
  • Big cats including lions, jaguars, cougars and tigers.
  • Pudu, the world’s smallest deer and considered highly endangered.
  • Llamas, guanacos and vicunas, ruminants native to the continent.
  • Zoocine, a small theatre where visitors can watch nature documentaries and short movies on conservation as well as the various animals in the zoo

The zoo also has designated zones like an aviary for several species of birds from around the world, a reptile zone for snakes and lizards as well as a display for Humboldt penguins.

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