National Parliament of Serbia

Serbian National Parliament is a cultural monument, featuring grandiose architecture and extraordinary works of art.

Through a visit to the National Parliament of Serbia one can learn a lot about recent Serbian and Yugoslav history and the Serbian nation itself. This monument of culture features a couple of architectural styles, among which are most dominant Ancient Greek, Secessionist and Renaissance motifs.

Sculptural compositions in front of the building represent the human struggle with the nature, and as you enter the vestibule through a monumental stairway you are introduced with some illustrious personalities of Serbian, Croatian and Slovenian pasts. Symbols of three different states, which came into existence while the National Parliament was under construction, can also be seen here.

In the Grand Hall, where parliament sessions take place, you can see national symbols (two-headed crowned eagle, for example), state symbols and copy of the Sretenje constitution, from 1835. In the Small Hall, at the opposite side, nations of former Yugoslavia are represented through folk costumes and related industries.

The guided tour takes you additionally through a Diplomatic Saloon of Duke Pavle, featuring Art Deco style and one of the heaviest chandeliers in Europe, the Library and the reception room, with personifications of agriculture, industry and other Yugoslav fields of economy.

Guided tours are available each first Sunday, and bookings in advance are mandatory. Since guided tours are available in Serbian, it would be well if you have basic knowledge of this language or someone who is familiar with it.

Photos from National Parliament of Serbia