National Museum Bangkok

Situated in the Wang Na Palace from the 18th century and located close to Sanam Luang and Thammasat University campus, National Museum Bangkok houses a large collection of Thai artifacts and art. Admission for tourists that includes a tour of the museum, brochure, and a map costs 200 baht.


The front part of Sivamokhaphiman Hall is reserved for the Thai history gallery that includes collections from Sukothai and Rattanakosin periods and features many sculptures.Visitors will get a chance to see precious stones, textiles, Chinese Weapons, decorative arts, musical instruments, and gold treasures at the National Museum Bangkok. Some of the other exhibits include Khon masks, funeral chariot hall, and the Buddhaisawan chapel.


National Museum Bangkok was opened by King Rama V who wanted to exhibit the antiques that belonged to his father. In the early years of the museum, these exhibits were not well-organised, however, nowadays the exhibits are arranged into three different galleries and feature descriptions in English language.