NASA Ames Research Center

The NASA Ames Research Center is a premier space facility that is engaged in cutting edge study on supercomputing, astrobiology, exoplanets, robotics, lunar science and a whole lot more! Naturally, visitors can’t see all of that but they do have a mind-blowing Visitor Center which is open six days a week.

Space, aeronautics and more

This premier facility in the heart of Silicon Valley, also known as NASA Ames, was established in 1939. Besides space, the Center is also engaged in other areas like aeronautics and has tested nearly every commercial aeroplane, military jet and a few space shuttle models. They also boast the world’s largest Wind Tunnel where they study aerodynamics. Sadly, that is not accessible to visitors, for obvious reasons.

Intriguing space exhibits

The interesting Visitor Center brings together all the fascinating work of NASA Ames and allows you to see stuff that you only get to see in documentaries. There are exhibits like the moon rock, a martian asteroid and a shuttle cockpit simulator. ‘Science on a Sphere’ is another fantastic exhibit that allows you to see earth and other planets in a whole new way.

Anyone who’s ever looked up at the stars and wondered about space will enjoy every moment of their visit at the incredible NASA Ames Research Center.

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