Mystic Mountain

Try out this very interesting destination this holiday at the Mystic Mountains in Jamaica. Here, you can enjoy yourselves high above ground.

Mystic Mountain is a place where you and your friends can enjoy yourselves by trying out the various rides that Mystic Mountain has to offer. If you are one for fast and high rides, this is the place you should be. At a reasonable cost you can experience a life changing adventure.

They offer rides like the Sky Explorer that costs $46.20 US; the Bobsled that costs $ 69 US; the Canopy Zip line that costs $114.40 US and the Tranopy tour that costs $137.50 US. They are safe and children also can try out those exciting rides.The Sky Explorer is a 700 feet ride which elevates you above treetops and above mystic mountains. Usually, about three persons are able to travel on one carrier at a time. The Bobsled is a famous ride that derived from a very important Olympic time in Jamaica’s history. It is a really fast ride that will have you swirling down the Mountainside.

Take the time out to let your adrenaline rush in this exciting tour and activities at the popular Mystic Mountains. If you are planning on getting married, they will literally set up everything for you. So it is a nice romantic spot for you and your love ones. Share the experience and make your reservations now.