Music Box Theatre

If you’ve got the time to catch a movie while in the city then you’re going to want to catch one at the Music Box Theatre. This 1920’s themed theatre boasts traditional red velvet curtains, a traditional ticket window and showcases an array of independent, foreign, cult and classic films.


Far from the usual multiplex cinemas that have come to monopolise the entertainment industry the Music Box Theatre is old school. The cinema opened in 1929 with only 800 seats, at a time when most cinemas seated at least 3,000 people. It was revolutionary, small and charming and it still is today.

What to Expect

Expect to be wowed by the cinema’s old-school style, quaint decorations and comfy movie seats. The experience of going to the cinema in the 1920’s has been preserved and whether you’re here to catch a midnight movie, joining a sing-along screening or here for a silent show you’re in for a wonderful evening.

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