Museum of Communism

Housed in an aristocrat’s palace from the 18th century and located between a McDonald’s restaurant and a casino, Museum of Communism in Prague contains artifacts from the communist era such as military objects, propaganda videos, photos, galleries, and reading materials from the secret police.


Museum of Communism focuses on the communist regime from 1948 to 1989 and was built by an expat from America and his Czech companion. Guests can visit the interrogation room and the historical classroom, or watch videos on the Television Time Machine. The museum has three main rooms and attracts thousands of tourists each week.

The Main Focus

This is the first museum in the Czech Republic that is devoted to the life in Czechoslovakia and that contains original artifacts from that period. It also covers a variety of areas that include daily life, education, economics, censorship, sports, politics, media propaganda, and the army.

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