Museum of Applied Arts

A visit to the Museum of Applied Arts won't take away much of your time, but will give you an exceptional overview of human creativity and craftsmanship.

Belgrade Museum of Applied Arts is devoted to preservation, studying and publication of works of applied arts, not only those created by the Serbian artists but also originated throughout the world. The museum is a multi-level establishment, featuring several exhibition areas hosting different displays.

The Museum of Applied Arts, besides exhibition items, disposes of detailed models of the exhibits, live presentations and computers that could be consulted for obtaining more detailed information based on the professional expertise. Related exhibitions alternate quite frequently, but are, in general, based on creative and popular activities that stretch back almost since the humanity exists – creation and embellishment of the living environment, increasing its practicality, refining it with various beautiful objects and items, and so on.

An ordinary visitor can thoroughly explore the museum premises within an hour, two at most. As you make your way through exhibitions, you’ll be accompanied with classical music composed by great composers. The Museum of Applied Arts opens its doors for free every last Saturday in the month.

Photos from Museum of Applied Arts

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