Museu Naval

If you're interested at all in maritime history, Rio's Museu Naval is the perfect place to gain some rare insights into it.

Learn about Brazil’s fascinating naval history

Rio’s Museu Naval traces Brazil’s naval tradition from the 16th century to the modern day, and comes complete with model warships, period maps, and historical navigation equipment for you to explore and discover. You can add the nearby Espaço Cultural da Marinha if naval history is something that interests you to make a half-day trip full of fascinating insights into Brazil’s little-known maritime history.

Perfect for curious kids

The Museu Naval is child-friendly and has plenty for the little ones to see. They’ll learn things that their schooling wouldn’t cover and be the most interesting person in class when they head back after their holiday, and you’ll have the comfort of knowing that they’ll be entertained the whole time they’re there. Don’t be fooled by this, however–if you’re a history buff, the information is in-depth enough to be enjoyable to even the most well-read person, and you’re sure to come away with knowledge you didn’t have before.