Musée Lumière

The Musée Lumière celebrates the advances in modern cinematography made by the Brothers Lumière.

The History of Cinema

Building on the work of inventors like Edison, the brothers Louis and Auguste Lumière are widely credited with the invention of modern cinematography. Working in the late 1800’s, these creative siblings not only invented the technology for moving pictures, but they also made many other unusual items related to the projection of images. Visitors can celebrate all their amazing work at Lyon’s popular Musée Lumière.

Adult Achievements in a Childhood Setting

Its founders built the Musée Lumière inside the beautiful Château Lumière, which belonged to their father. The home itself is impressive enough to warrant a visit–elaborate ceilings, a giant staircase, and a conservatory filled with plants. But of course, the biggest draw is the brothers’ inventions.

The museum contains many of the original items that the brothers created, including their film cameras. There are also stranger inventions like the Panorama, which projected a 360-degree image. The museum regularly screens the brothers’ early films with commentary.

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