London, England

Murger Han

Murger Han is a Chinese restaurant that brings Londoners authentic flavours particularly from the historic region around Xi’an in mainland China.

Alluring Murger

One of Murger Han’s ‘must-eat’ dishes is the Murger or rou jia mo, the Chinese take on the ubiquitous Western hamburger. ‘Muo’, the outer shell, is prepared from wheat flour baked in a clay oven, which gives you an irresistibly crunch at the first bite while the pork stuffing within is slow cooked with their special recipe.

Unique Noodles and Cocktails

Murger Hanhan serves a range of intriguing dishes like the Biangbiang Noodles, Murger Soup, Tofu Skewers and claypots. Another dish that they are renowned for is cold rice noodle. The noodles are extremely soft and chewy, which creates a unique flavour once the seasoning and other ingredients are added.

The restaurant also boasts an in-house cocktail bar that serves some Chinese-inspired drinks like the Blended Plum Juice Cocktail and Ice Peak Cocktail.

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