Ho Chi Minh City

Municipal Theatre

Formerly known as the Saigon Opera House, this theater is now home to the national ballet, orchestra, and opera.

Political and Artistic History

Designed by French architect Eugene Ferret in 1897, the elegant Saigon Opera House served just that purpose all the way through World War II. But during the Vietnam War period, the South Vietnamese government commandeered the building to house its legislative body. Only once the North and South were reunited did the Saigon Opera House reopen as an entertainment venue, now known as the Municipal Theatre.

Vietnamese Performing Arts

Today the Municipal Theatre hosts performances by the Ho Chi Minh City Ballet, Symphony Orchestra, and Opera. The theater boasts only 500 seats, providing audiences with an intimate view of the stage. The music ranges from that of Vietnamese composers to famous Western composers like Tchaikovsky.

Performances occur year-round, and a schedule is available on the theater’s website. Visitors can purchase tickets online, though it’s an elaborate process involving email, so they may be easier to purchase at the box office or over the phone. The theater provides discounts for those purchasing a large number of tickets, and students also receive a 10% discount.