Municipal House

Opened in 1912, the Municipal House in Prague is an Art Nouveau house that consists of many rooms including a French restaurant, an elegant café, the largest concert hall in the city, and several exhibition rooms and salons. It is located just a few steps from the Powder Tower.

Architecture and Decorations

The Municipal House is well-known for its decorative entrance with inscriptions above that read “Resist the time wrath, Prague, as you resisted all the thunders”. This house is also famous for its mixture of architectural styles that include Art Nouveau, neo-Renaissance, and neo-Baroque. There is also a balcony that is located under the mosaic.

Smetana Hall

Smetana Hall is located on the first floor of the Municipal House and hosts a number of classical concerts and music festivals. It is considered to be the most important hall in the building where even the Prague Symphony Orchestra performs.

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