Municipal de Santiago

Santiago’s most famous theater, featuring performances from ballet to opera.

Santiago’s Artistic Jewel

The Municipal Theater of Santiago serves as the artistic heart of the city. Originally constructed in 1857, this gorgeous French neoclassical building now hosts performances by Santiago’s major cultural institutions. It’s the home of the Santiago Philharmonic, the Ballet de Santiago, and the Choir Municipal de Santiago.

World-Class Performances

The theater’s many productions reach or surpass the bar of famous theaters the world over. Visitors can hear symphonies from the likes of Mozart and see noted ballets such as Zorba the Greek. Prices depend on the type of performance.

The Municipal’s architecture mimics that of the great theaters of Europe–gilded balconies, a fresco ceiling. Guests can take guided tours of the Baroque interior. Thanks to the building’s spectacular design and its commitment to fostering arts in the community, the Municipal became a National Monument in 1974.