London, England

Mr Fogg’s Residence

This classy cocktail bar in the heart of Mayfair is worth a visit, for the decor and superb cocktail menu.

Walk into a Jules Verne novel

Mr. Fogg’s Residence is charmingly decorated to look like the kind of place Phileas Fogg might have lived in before he went off on his 80-day world tour–or after, considering the excellent cocktail menu and the chance to forget all your worries in a surprisingly soothing atmosphere. A theme that could easily have ended up perhaps kitsch and tacky has instead been executed here with style and flare that might actually leave you convinced you’ve stepped right into fiction.

Always something on

This is one establishment that goes out of its way to make sure it has a regular calendar of special events. Keep this in mind so that you can time your trip to coincide with them–or alternatively, avoid them if you’d rather enjoy the scenery and the excellent cocktails in peace and quiet. Regardless of the event schedule, live entertainment in the form of a resident pianist is frequently available, unless something else is.

Stay at home!

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