Mount Qingcheng

Qingcheng is a large mountain with a well maintained network of paths; it includes many pagodas, a small lake with a boat, and a chair-lift for those who prefer not to walk. All along the walk are beautiful temples to admire, catch your breath and enjoy the view

Quincheng Mountain Boat Chengdu

A day trip to Quincheng Mountain is a wonderful way to see China’s rural culture, not to mention getting some exercise!

Get some private transport to pick you up from the hotel around 9am. Travel time to the drop off point is 60-90 minutes. Once dropped off you walk along a wooden path, then left up a road until you reach the entrance. Alternatively, catch one of the shuttle buses.

There are two sections to walk, called front walk and back walk. If you’ve never done it before, take the ‘Front Mountain’. Entrance fee is 90 RMB. As you enter you begin your way winding through the trees and climbing up through the mountains. If strenuous walking is not your thing, follow the maps, stick to the right. After going round a small lake you can go up a cable car to the top of the mountain. This costs 35 RMB one way or 60 RMB return.

Otherwise you can walk up the mountain (or get carried up by two guys as you sit on a seat on sticks!) To walk up takes about 3 hours and you climb around 2,500 feet. It is a constantly beautiful windy walk sheltered under the trees with monuments, small shops and temples.

If you are thirsty or hungry along the way there are numerous places to buy water, peeled cucumbers and other goods. I do recommend taking lots of water with you, as well as sun tan lotion and mozzie spray.

Check the forecast before you go – you don’t want to get caught out in the rain. The weather in China is often hazy, so the views can tend to be a little white.

You’ll be finished by mid to late afternoon and back in the city centre early evening.

Altogether a stunning day out packed with Chinese culture, breath taking views and a great walk.


Getting There By Train

There is a high-speed train from Chengdu Railway Station to Dujiangyan and Qingchengshan. Travel time is around half an hour and costs ¥15. From Qingchengshan train station take bus 101 which takes you about 2km from the Mount Qingcheng area entrance, or bus 101A to Dujiangyan irrigation system. From Dujiangyan train station there is another bus directly to the Dujiangyan irrigation system area which takes about 30 minutes. Each bus costs ¥2 per person each way. Return buses to the train station run until 6pm.


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Quincheng Mountain, Chengdu

Roof top views, Quincheng Mountain, Chengdu

Quincheng Mountain Boat Chengdu

Quincheng Mountain Boat Chengdu

Photos from Mount Qingcheng

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