Mount Popa

Standing at 1518 metres above sea level the Mount Popa volcano rises out of flora and fauna filled landscape like something out of a movie. Nicknamed the ‘Mount Olympus of Myanmar’ the mountain is so big that it can be seen from the Irrawaddy River on a bright day and many Bagan visitors make the trek out east to visit one of the countries best-known pilgrimage sites.

What to Expect

Atop the mountain sits a number of temples, relics and a monastery and both locals and tourists alike make their pilgrimage up the mountain (which is also home to a holy spirit) each year. If you’re a little tired of the temple scene, the mountain is also a great place to enjoy Myanmar’s nature, and there’s plenty of hiking trails that wind their way up and around the hill. Keep your eyes peeled for the local monkeys!

Getting Here

Mount Popa sits just over an hours drive east of Bagan’s town centre. Getting here is relatively easy as taxies tend to drive tourists to the base of the mountain and return later to pick them up. Alternatively, guided group tours depart daily from Bagan and are a reliable and easy way to explore the mountain.