One of the only all-vegan boutiques in Los Angeles, MooShoes is the place to shop for cruelty-free clothes, shoes, handbags, wallets, and more.

MooShoes is clothing, shoe, and accessory boutique in Silver Lake that sells only vegan items. It offers upscale and casual t-shirts, sandals, athletic shoes, handbags, briefcases, wallets, and other wearables that are cruelty-free and absolutely fabulous. Shop MooShoes for cookbooks, vegan stickers, and other fun things. And, support animal-free consumerism in a charming area of Los Angeles that’s also filled with quaint vegan cafes and coffee shops.

MooShoes Brings It’s New York Success to Los Angeles

MooShoes began in New York City, in 2001, and it opened its Los Angeles store in 2014. This vegan boutique gives shoppers 7 days a week to pick up great items for going out, going to work, or roaming around town. Get your everyday shoes and your high-end bags here, and feel comfortable that they’re all vegan and animal free. MooShoes is stocked with a great inventory of things to make you look stylish and feel great, since won’t be contributing to harming any animals with its products. MooShoes has a friendly staff too, so it’s fun to shop and chat with the people who work there. The store often holds small events and it’s a perfect place to buy a gift to bring back home.