Monument aux Morts

Commemorating Lives Lost

Built from 1924-1928, this monument was created to commemorate the near 4,000 locals of Nice who died in World War I. It was designed by Roger Cecil, a welsh painter and mixed media artist. Visiting this monument is a humbling and beautiful experience along the French Riviera.

Day Trip Location

The monument is located at the bottom of Castle Hill, or Parc du Chateau. A visit here would fit well in an itinerary before heading up the hill. It is also located on the beach, near the Promenade des Anglais.

World War Monuments

After the World Wars, many monuments were built around France. What makes this one unique and especially worth visiting is the beautiful surroundings. With azure waves crashing up against the cliffs, it is a sobering spot to contemplate the war and its costs.


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