Montjuïc Mountain

Hilltop Location with Museums, Gardens and Amazing Views

Montjuïc is the home of many of Barcelona’s most fascinating structures and museums including the Miro Foundation, The National Art Museum of Catalunya or MNAC, the Museum of Archaeology, Montjuïc Castle and the National Palace. The Botanical Gardens also situated on the hillside are a beautifully tended wilderness with an impressive fortress and sculptures all around. The cable car journey from Port Vell to Montjuïc affords some incredible city views, it’s a photographers dream and the perfect destination point for a picnic, sightseeing or a relaxing walk in the sunshine.

Montjuïc however, isn’t just about the museums and incredible landscaped gardens, the zone is also home to the Poble Espanyol – the Spanish village. The village is sprinkled with cobbled streets, artisan shops and restaurants which will tempt you in out of the midday sun.

End the day in Montjuïc with a firm family favourite. The dancing Magic Fountains are a must see with glowing colourful jets of water and lively music. The perfect end to any day of city exploration.