Montes Winery

Opened in 2004 by a group of professionals including Alfredo Vidaurre, Aurelio Montes, Douglas Murray, and Pedro Grand, Montes Winery is considered to be one of the best wineries in Chile. The company is famous for its production of the first premium wine from Chile, Montes Alpha.


One of the reasons why Montes Winery produces great wine is the amazing location of the vineyard. Apalta Valley is located on the lower slopes and offers panoramic views of the hillsides. The surrounding natural beauty is what attracts thousands of visitors to Montes Winery each and every year.

Production and Wines

Some of the red wines produced at Montes Winery include Purple Angel, Montes Alpha, Montes Folly, and Montes Alpha M.Backed by experience of the creator of finest wines from Chile, Aurelio Montes, this vineyard is also well-known for exporting their wines to other countries.