Monterey Zoo

Welcome to Monterey Zoo, an upcoming zoo and animal sanctuary for aging animal stars, spread over a sprawling 51 acres at the foothills of the scenic Santa Cruz Mountains and overlooking the picturesque Salinas Valley.

Josef and Wild Things Inc.

Formerly known as Wild Things Inc., this unique animal haven was founded in 1983 by Charlie Summat, an experienced trainer of the wild and the ferocious. Charlie credits his friend Josef for being the inspiration behind this sanctuary. Josef happens to be a lion, who also served as the model for the animators of Disney’s Lion King and worked in several Hollywood movies. Sadly, Josef is no more but his legacy lives on as Sammut works to create a true haven for all the working and retired animals here.

Thrill of a safari in Silicon Valley

There are 180 very special animals here most of whom were rescued from circuses, carnivals and individuals who possessed them illegally. The 5-acre Pachyderm Pen is home to five African elephants, an ostrich and zebra. Big cats include four majestic Bengal Tigers, lions, leopards and cougars. Other animals include kangaroos, reptiles, primates and birds. The premises also boast a bed-and-breakfast with African-style tent bungalows that provides you with the safari experience right here in Silicon Valley.

The Monterey Zoo is the only one of its kind in California. A visit here is an innovative experience especially for families.