Monterey Bay Aquarium

A lush kelp forest, vividly coloured coral fish, fascinating glimpses of open seas, virtual dives into the deep, adorable otter rafts, (yes, that’s what their groups are called) and whole lot more awaits you here! Welcome to the Monterey Bay Aquarium, a fascinating destination for animal lovers of all ages.

Education and conservation

The Aquarium, a pioneering marine extravaganza, was built in 1984 to entertain as well as to educate visitors on the importance of marine life and their role in the sustenance of life on Earth. Besides fantastic live exhibits, there are immersive, virtual presentations that bring the seas alive.

Dynamic exhibits

The Open Sea, the largest exhibit here, features sharks, turtles and schools of sardines held behind in a large 90-foot window.  The 28-feet tall Kelp Forest is unique and distinctive to Monterey Bay Aquarium and is home to a large number of animals. The Southern Sea Otters are the only marine mammals here and are a crowd favourite, thanks to their heart-warming antics.

The Monterey Bay Aquarium makes for a memorable destination for all with its astounding 35000 animals and plants in 34 spectacular galleries and touch pools.


Handy Tips

  • You can enjoy inspired dishes at Cindy’s Waterfront with captivating views of the ocean. Families with little children might prefer to dine casually at the self-service Café or opt for snacks at the Coffee Bar.
  • The Monterey Bay Aquarium is pretty close to the Monarch Grove Butterfly Sanctuary. You could try to visit both places in one trip.

Stay at home!

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