Military Museum

Comprehensive history of warfare of the Balkan region encompasses items from pre-Roman times to the most recent conflicts during 1990s.

The Military Museum covers the entire history of warfare of the Balkan region, which encompasses Serbia, Greece, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and other related countries. The Balkan had always been a crossroad of major European migrations and, thus, a battleground where numerous armies, tribes and cultures clashed and influenced each other. The Romans, the Huns, the Slavs, the Byzantines and the Turks are only some of them.

The rich collection of the Military Museum exhibits weapons from the earliest times onward, reconstructions of once formidable fortifications, battles, surviving personal belongings of prominent statesman, commanders, heroes, and much more. Works of prominent artists and photos illustrating the centuries long suffering of the Balkan people under the foreign rule are especially touching.

The largest section is dedicated to the Second World War, followed by the First World War, the Balkan wars, and the medieval times when the Serbs, the Bosnians, and the others occasionally, had formidable kingdoms and empires until the Turks emerged. The arsenal used by the insurgents and regular troops, historic documents, medals and clothing make truly an impressive addition to the collection, as well as the stories of distinguished personalities and heroic deeds.

The full price for such a comprehensive museum is 1,20 EUR, and it would be advisable, if possible, to bring with you a local if your Serbian isn’t average at least. Although basic information is provided in English, plentiful of detailed information is available only in Serbian.

Photos from Military Museum

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