London, England

Mildred’s Camden

Enjoy fresh food that’s full of flavor at Mildred’s Camden. Dishes are made with organic ingredients whenever possible.

Locally Sourced and Organic Ingredients

Mildren’s Camden offers colorful and fresh food that’s full of flavor. All menu items are prepared with care each day in the restaurant’s kitchen, using organic ingredients whenever possible. It’s Mildred’s mission to source produce, and other goods, from small businesses and suppliers in the London area – which gives guests farm-to-table food that has a low carbon footprint. Midred’s actually has 3 locations in London, and each restaurant has its own personality and style.

International Cuisine in an Inspiring Setting

Dine at Mildred’s Camden and enjoy internationally inspired cuisine in a lively setting. The staff at Mildred’s is warm and friendly, and the atmosphere is welcoming to all. Midred’s Camden often surprises diners with its creative cuisine that’s different from any menu in London. Favorite dishes at Mildred’s include gyoza dumplings with sweet chilli and soy dip, wood roasted mushroom and ale pie with minted mushy peas and fries, and anise spiced plum and mascarpone cheesecake with toasted almond butter brittle.

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