Hong Kong

Mido Café

Mido Café is an iconic culinary destination as well as one of the oldest Hong Kong cafes, known locally as ‘cha chaan teng.’ These ubiquitous cafes are known for their delectable menu which boasts an exotic mix of local flavors with a strong hint of their colonial heritage.

Preserving a culinary heritage

Mido Café, established in 1950, counts among a select group of cafes from the past that are slowly getting edged out by the trendier global fast-food chains, However, cafes like Mido and Lin Heung continue to garner support from foodie adventurers who come here for its inimitable flavors and old-worldly ambience.

Exciting and adventurous menu

Like we said, this is a fantastic place to enjoy the East-meets-West combination of foods and flavors. So don’t be surprised by foods like Garoupa with macaroni in broth, Spaghetti with beef Chinese style or Baked seafood with creamy sauce. It’s distinctively, ‘cha chaan teng.’ They are, of course, known for their signature style of drink you’ll only get in Hong Kong – the Ying Yang – an interesting mixed brew of tea and coffee.

What we liked best about Mido is that each of the items on the menu is translated into English. That is a win-win for every visitor.