Mercado da Ribeira

Once the city market for Lisbon, the Mercado da Ribeira is now a go-to destination for dining-and still offers locals the food market they have always loved.

With an update and redesign, the Mercado da Ribeira reopened in 2014 to be more than a food market. Two separate floors of the building now offer the best of both worlds–a grand farmer’s market downstairs and an impressive food hall upstairs.

The Food Market

The food market on the main level has long been a public market for Lisbon. With over 10,000 square meters of space, the market offers fresh fish and produce, flowers, and, since the renovation, prepared foods.

The Food Court

The upstairs food court–sponsored by Time Out Lisbon–has created enormous buzz since it open. It is now the second most visited site in the city with over 2 million people stopping in annually. Across the vast, lively space, 23 restaurants, 10 food stalls, 8 bars and 4 shops provide a heady mix of everything the Portuguese food scene has to offer. From high-end restaurant outlets to small plates, sandwiches to sushi, the market has become a foodie hotspot. Enjoy mingling in the main seating of 500 seats or step out onto the terrace of 250 seats for a river view during lunch or a late-night snack.



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