If you’re desperate to pick up a Bagan souvenir or gift to commemorate your time in the country, then add the MBoutik to your town to-do list. This colourful boutique and craft store is run by ActionAid, an international NGO helping to promote artisan females across the country.

What to Expect

The store is home to an array of crafts including bags, textiles and hand-carved woodwork all of which has been produced by women not just in Bagan, but across the country. The store works with over 600 artisans spread across 130 villages to offer an array of arts and homemade gifts to tourists and locals alike.

How to Get Here

The craft shop sits on Anawratha Road which connects the neighbourhoods of Old Bagan and Nyuang U. From the outside, the shop is almost unnoticeable except for the yellow sign that sits above the door named ‘MBoutik’. Head on in, and you’ll be greeted by one of the lovely ladies who work here!

Stay at home!

Feel free to browse our website, but please for the time being, follow your national guidance.