Matetic Vineyard

Matetic Vineyard is an award-winning maker of organic wines with over 15 years of experience and a reputation of having one of the best vineyards in the country. The property is located just outside of Santiago and spreads across over 150 hectares of vineyards.


In 1999, Jorge Matetic together with his family decided to take advantage of the cool-climate location and tried to make a unique vineyard that focuses on producing high-quality wine. He needed some experts to help him, so he got Ken Bernards who is also a winemaker, Ann Kraemer who specializes in viticulture and Alan York who helped with biodynamic farming.


Guests can ride horses from the vineyard’s stables and this experience usually lasts from one to three hours. Most of the visitors comment that the scenic fields are lovely and offer amazing panoramic views of the surrounding areas. The property also serves lunch and dinner including a bottle of complimentary wine.

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