Market of San Miguel

The Market of San Miguel offers fantastic food, wine and beer. It's considered one of the top places to walk around tasting various tapas and soaking in the great atmosphere.

The Market of San Miguel, the best place to experiment with Spanish flavours.

Madrid’s Most Famous Market

The Market of San Miguel is a beautiful old market surrounded by glass walls. It’s the place to go to delve into the fantastic flavours that Spanish cuisine has to offer. From seafood to quirky desserts, there’s lots to see and eat! It’s a colourful place for kids to enjoy too.

A Great Place For Tapas

The market is very central and easy to get to from Plaza Mayor and Puerta del Sol. It’s a great opportunity to try some jamón (cured Spanish ham), pintxos (small bites of food usually on toasted bread) or Asturian cider. Another great feature are the live concerts held inside, which make the atmosphere even better.

Avoid The Crowds

Because the market is such a popular place for locals and tourists alike, it gets very busy at pique times. For a more relaxed experience, it’s better to avoid going in the evenings on weekends. The best way to enjoy the market is to take a leisurely stroll around the stalls, tasting a variety of food and drinks that are on offer.

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