Marie Antoinette

The Marie Antoinette restaurant sits in a pink and turquoise house in Victoria, on the north side of Mahé Island. Dining at this quirky eatery is akin to stepping into your grandmother’s house; everything is old and inviting, even the menu hasn’t changed since the early 20th century!

What to Order

As you step inside you’re thrown back in time; this place isn’t modern and luxurious, it’s dated and comforting. The menu is short and sweet and offers a taste of the Seychelles of yesteryear! Enjoy homemade creole comfort food including fish stew, chicken curry and tuna steak; all served with a side of salad or rice and, if you’re here in the afternoon enjoy sweet treats and ice cream!

The Building

This plantation style house is over 100 years old and dons a bright turquoise colour scheme on the exterior. In 2011 the building was given the title of ‘national monument’ and so dining here isn’t just delicious, it’s historic. Don’t forget to check out the tortoises in the gardens!