Marakesh, as the name, suggests is a classic Moroccan restaurant in Abu Dhabi that flies the flag of the Western Kingdom’s cuisine with zest.

Capturing the essence of Morocco

Marakesh can be found at the Millennium Corniche Hotel and has been long regarded as a ‘slice of Morocco’ in the city. From the grand Moorish arches on the walls, the ornate chairs, opulent pillars, banquettes by the wall to the filigree work, Marakesh captures the regal essence of Morocco. Of course, they ensure you don’t quite pass the Arabic by – a belly dancer comes on at 10:30 pm who shimmies to music from the live Moroccan band.

Delicious cuisine

The culinary prowess of the chefs at Marakesh is simply impeccable. The main-course staples are complimented by a lavish choice. You can opt from a range of Couscous dishes – Bil Khodar (vegetables), T’Faya (Lamb), Malaki (a blend of lamb, veal and chicken) and Essaouira (seafood). Similarly, you are treated to options with the ubiquitous Tagines too – Fassia (Hammour fillets), D’Jaj Mkali (braised chicken), Quail, Pruneaux (lamb with prunes) and Kofta (lamb meatballs).

Don’t forget to try their kebabs and among desserts, Halaouyat which are assorted Moroccan pastries.

Stay at home!

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