Disneyland Paris

Whether it’s the Frozen sing-along, the sparkly Disney Magic Parade or the colorful Toy Story Playland, your child will enjoy every precious minute at Disneyland Paris.

Where dreams come true

Disneyland Paris is a place where dreams come true for millions of little children and, I dare say, grownups, too. True to the vision of Walt Disney, this amazing place brings together all the favorite Disney characters to create a world that is truly spectacular.

Great rides, fun shows and more

Disneyland Paris combines fun, shopping, dining and entertainment on an extravagant scale that leaves you with memories to last a lifetime. The 4,800-acre resort boasts of two fabulous theme parks, seven hotels that mimic Old Western to American-Victorian designs as well as a Disney Village complete with shops and restaurants.

There are several shows, interactive programs and great rides designed to help you unleash your inner child and create beautiful memories for your little ones. Children will love it and so will everyone else who enters the resort!

Photos from Disneyland Paris